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Founded in 2013 in Montreal, Lilychoice manufactures fashionable, durable and elegant accessories in Canada.

We are a small group of industry veterans who believe there is a better way, that your favorite products can do a lot more, waste a lot less, and still be beautiful. We buy our best raw material from the best suppliers in the world, and we produce our products in small quantities near us to ensure the highest quality and consistency. While other brands are looking for the cheapest raw materials and soulless factories, we choose to go in the opposite direction.

We know our customers because we are our customers. Our activities are not led by shareholders, external investors or a board of directors. We serve you simply, and we are determined to exceed your expectations with every break and point.

Why Lilychoice? Beyond being the source of an ancient emblematic symbol, lightning is simply a powerful force of nature that equalizes the energy of the heavens and the earth. For us, it captures the idea of ​​turning your dreams (heavens) into reality (earth) - in a flash. It's our goal in style design that encourages everyday adventure, whether it's off-the-cuff or meticulously planned. Our customers do not just sit in front of laptops dreaming of singletrack races, alpine treks and exotic travels; they realize them without hesitation. And that's what we are and how we live. It's Lilychoice.